Easy Link Server is located in Los Angeles ,it has low latency and fast speeds, Asian Optimized Network.

Dedicated Servers

Enterprise Grade Dedicated Servers at An Affordable Price
Package CPU RAM HDD Dedicated Port IP (Usable) Firewall Price
Proxy VPN Atom D525 4GB 500GB HDD 100Mbps/30TB /30 (1) 20Gbps $29/Month  
Advance E3-1230v2 16GB 1TB HDD 1Gbps/30TB /30 (1) 20Gbps $69/Month
Firewall Server E3-1230v6 32GB 512GB SSD 1Gbps/100TB /30 (1) 40Gbps $99/Month
Game Server E3-1230v3 32GB 4x256GB SSD 1Gbps/Unmetered /30 (1) 40Gbps $99/Month
Load Balancer E3-1230v6 32GB 4x512GB SSD 1Gbps/Unmetered /30 (1) 40Gbps $299/Month
Node Server 2xE5-2620v4 128GB 4x2TB HDD 1Gbps/Unmetered /30 (1) 40Gbps $499/Month

Atom D525: Max RAM: 4GB; Max HDD: 500GB; Max IPv4 Set: 2x; Max IPv4: /28 (13);
Intel E3 Series: Max RAM: 32GB; Max HDD Bays: 4x; Max IPv4 Set: 4x; Max Total IP: /24 (253);
Intel E5-2620 Series: Max RAM: 256GB; Max HDD Bays: 4x; Max IPv4 Set: 4x; Max Total IPv4: /24 (253);


Easy Link has chosen the best of the best in means of bandwidth providers, in order to provide high network efficiency and full redundancy. We only utilize Tier-1 multi-homed providers, running on full fiber. Our network providers are constantly being introduced to eliminate any poor route destinations.