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Easy Link LLC is located in Los Angeles , it provids low latency and fast speeds, Asian Optimized Network at an affordable price. Companies that hosts their businesses with us can have an ease of mind with the idea that the IT group has been operating since 2014 with a powerful financial backing and infrastructure.

Bare-Metal Server

Our dedicated servers are available in two configurations: preconfigured with immediate delivery or totally configurable.


Scalable virtualized solutions that can scale with your business. We have a cloud hosting solution for any workload or purpose, from hosting a website to large-scale business applications.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Make your website and videos fly by using the strength and scale of our worldwide network. Our CDN combines our technology and network knowledge to provide lightning-fast, secure performance at a low cost.

DDoS Firewall

Using cost-effective yet comprehensive security solutions, protect online applications against DDoS attacks. Our DDoS IP protection and Web Application Firewall services are simple to set up and utilize.

Secure Server

Anti-DDoS Protection

DDoS Firewall can sustain attacks from all over the world. Attack traffic is sent to local scrubbing centers then sending only good, clean traffic back to your server.
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Self managed dedicated servers with scalable, production ready private cloud that fits your needs, and connected with Optimal routing and peering, stable, low lentacy, Optimized network. More..
24x7 Support

Client Services

We will monitor your service 24/7 and, should an issue occurs, automatically open a support ticket, our team of experts can resolve it as soon as possible.
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What is Dedicated Server Hosting?

Unlike Shared or Virtual hosting, in which a user must share resources with other domains on a single server, Dedicated Server hosting gives users full control over their server’s resource usage and hardware specifications. By running your own private server, you can maintain the highest levels of security and control over your system’s features, including it’s operating system, control panel, internal software, and more.

At Easy Link, we offer our customers both instantly deployable and custom-built server options. Whether you need a machine up and running in an hour or a hand-picked powerhouse customized to your specifications, Easy Link has the perfect dedicated server solution for your needs. All our servers include IPMI access, are connected to our private network, and are built using Dell and SuperMicro rack-mount chassis.

Solutions that backed by an industry leading Bare metal Server

When it comes to running a successful e-commerce business, you need three things: speed, reliability, and security. Our e-commerce experts have worked with leading global businesses to develop cloud hosting solutions that address the industry’s specific requirements.

With a comprehensive, hybrid ready product portfolio, iron clad cybersecurity solutions, 99.999% core uptime, and an extensive global network that lets you reach your customer no matter where they are, we make sure your business is always open and that your customers are happy.

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