Content Delivery Network

We meet and surpass the standards for establishing global CDNs with no performance bottlenecks, with over 6 Tbps of bandwidth, 16 pops globally, and a dense server network covering 5 continents. We enable CDN providers to provide digital assets of any type, size, or complexity, from static information to live video.

Gaming servers

Whether it's during peak hours or not, our dedicated servers and the network infrastructure that supports them enable gaming firms to avoid frequent internet bottlenecks and provide excellent online gaming experiences to players of all sizes.

Online Streaming

Our streaming servers are equipped with twin 40GE ports and scalable bandwidth pools of 10–900 Gbps to handle the infrastructure issues associated with providing video content to thousands of simultaneous users. Each video packet is efficiently sent across uncongested optical fiber lines.

VoIP providers

Our network works with a strong bandwidth reserve to provide smooth and reliable conversations at scale, reducing congestion, excessive latency, and jitter, the major enemies of successful VoIP installations.

Dedicated Network Port (Never Shared Bandwidth)IPMI (Remote Administration)24/7/365 Technical SupportFree ASN / IP Space AnnouncementAnti-DDoS ProtectionHighly Customizable Hardware Configurations

VPN Proxy

Our dense server network, ultra-low latency connection, and nearly infinite IP space are used by the world's best VPN providers to give borderless online experiences to everyone, wherever, without sacrificing network performance.

Data Server

We're pleased to provide as many terabytes (or petabytes) as you need, with up to 648 TB of HDD storage per server, no matter what kind of storage-intensive service you're delivering.

Ad-tech companies

Our network fulfills the severe timeout requirements required to ensure that advertising are served swiftly and effectively over the best-performing pathways, operating in the single or double-digit latency range.

Trading platforms and tools

low-latency, times between market events and trade executions benefit exchange platforms, trading applications, and even retail investors thanks to our low-latency infrastructure.