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Secure Server

Anti-DDoS Protection

DDoS Firewall can sustain attacks from all over the world. Attack traffic is sent to local scrubbing centers then sending only good, clean traffic back to your server.
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Self managed dedicated servers with scalable, production ready private cloud that fits your needs, and connected with Optimal routing and peering, stable, low lentacy, Optimized network. More..
24x7 Support

Client Services

We will monitor your service 24/7 and, should an issue occurs, automatically open a support ticket, our team of experts can resolve it as soon as possible.

Can I use the full capacity of my server's uplink?

Abosolutely, Each server is deployed with dedicated 1x 1GE, 1x 10GE unshared uplink.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my bandwidth plan?

To change bandwidth plan, please submit a ticket with our sales team. An upgrade can be done anytime. Downgrading is possible from next upcoming billing cycle onwards.

What would happended if host abuse content?

We have Zero tolerance against abuse. For more information, please check our Term of use In case of abuse, We will null any devise that is violated above term at least for 24 hours.